Portland School of English is located in the city of Manchester in the UK, home to restaurants, theatres, museums and hundreds of spectacular places.

Every year we welcome more than 500 students to our school in England. Our school has excellent, modern teaching facilities whilst offering a relaxed and friendly environment for you to learn English. Our teachers are dedicated to providing you with the very best opportunity for learning. We offer a range of courses for all levels including the PSE Method, which is one of the fastest ways to learn English.

Coming to Portland School of English is not just about learning English, it is about having the experience of a lifetime and become part of a big family, that is exactly what we offer. At PSE we know how important it is for our students to quickly feel settled, comfortable and happy. That is why we are more than just a school, our students teachers and support staff are all part of a community that is waiting for you to join the School. We look forward to welcoming you at Portland School of English.

English school academy Manchester


We have our own unique methods for teaching English that are not available anywhere else. We use the PSE method which is fast, fun and very interactive to learn English. In fact, it is so fast, and we guarantee your spoken English will improve faster than ever before.

The PSE Method is perfect for beginners or students with only basic English. It is a direct method of teaching because students do not think in their own language and translate into English. Instead, from the very first word on the first day, students are taught to think and speak in English.

The PSE Method is so successful because every student is involved all the time. Each lesson is structured as though it is an informal test of listening, speaking, grammar and sentence construction. In this way, whenever a mistake is made, your teacher will correct you instantly, so there is no opportunity to pick up bad speaking habits.

English school academy Manchester


An English school is only as good as the teaching staff and at PSE we make sure we have the very best teachers to help you to learn English.

Our teachers are English native speakers from different parts of the country. They are all experienced teachers with the relevant qualifications to help you get the most out of your time in the UK.

A lot of our teachers have also lived and taught English overseas, so they know what it feels like to be thousands of miles from home and have to make new friends and a new life.

English school academy Manchester


In Portland School of English we believe that English is not only learned in the classroom, that is why we strive to offer our students a variety of activities so that everyone has a place to choose according to their preferences.

The intention of the activities is that the students integrate and form friendship bonds in a relaxed atmosphere while still practicing English. This helps to practice Speaking and Listening, in this way the student can develop the skills needed to get better on a daily basis.

As we already mentioned we have activities for all preferences, trips to other cities, hiking in the natural parks, visits to museums and landmarks, barbecues, movie sessions, sushi classes, football, and many other activities. What are you waiting for?

English school academy Manchester
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